Surprise We’re Going to Disney!

Photo courtesy of Disney Photopass.

Photo courtesy of Disney Photopass.

Yay, I’m still here!  Feels like forever since I’ve updated.

I talk a lot on here on how to make special Disney Memories with your family, especially with your kids.  One of the things I get the biggest kick out of is the Surprise trip.  I could never pull this off since I start packing a month out and my 5-year-old would know the second I started sneaking outfits into baggies (yes I coordinate by day and park and this just makes dressing so much easier but more on my packing tips in a later post).  That and I get just as excited about the kids and can’t help but talk about it.

I’ve had a couple of clients here recently surprise the kids with a trip and wanted to share how they did it as well as some other creative ideas.  I do plan on doing this one day with my kids and the grandparents….shhh big secret there.

The Holiday Reveal:  With Christmas approaching this is a great way to tell the kids, but can also work for Easter and Birthdays.  Get yourself a giant cardboard box and put a note in the bottom “We’re going to Disney!”.  Either fill the box with balloons, helium filled ones the night before if you want a big pop, streamers, paper shreds, or even more wrapped boxes.

The Fake Out:  If your like me and can’t hide the packing from a very attentive child or have older children in school, go for the fake trip.  Tell them your going to see a relative or friend.  Just be sure to hide all the Disney related mail that comes in a safe place.  See how far you can get before they realize it.  For some its the airport when they see where the plane is going others it’s when you get the Resort.  If you must reveal at the airport or as you get in the car, consider having a box or bag for them to open with Mickey Ears.  If you are driving consider doing up your car (you know like when someone gets married) with Disney or bust, or a banner on the door that reveals the location.

Character Call:  When booking a Disney package your get a character call from a character.  Schedule the call when the kids are home and put it on speaker…letting Mickey do the reveal.

Get up and Go:  I had a client do this one just a few weeks ago.  They worked on the travel plans, t-shirts and other trip related materials at Grandma’s house.  Mom’s would pack while the kids were at school and replace the suitcases so they would see anything was out-of-place.  When it was the big day they got everyone up and told them to get their suitcases because they were going to Disneyland!

Scavenger Hunt:  You can do this over the process of a few days or an evening.  Create a treasure map with clues around the house, park, or neighborhood, eventually leading to a treasure chest filled with your big announcement.

The Movie:  Now this one takes some prior planning or knowing someone who is going to be there before you.  On a previous visit ask one of the face Characters (the ones without masks) to record a special message to your family.  Something like “Hi, insert kids names, its Belle and I just can’t wait for you to come and see me insert trip time”.  The kids will get a kick out of being addressed personally by a favorite character.  You can have this video at the end of a scavenger hunt or put it in during family movie night.

Remember these ideas aren’t just for kids and you can surprise anyone in your family with it.  If you have a creative idea to add please leave it in the comments section!


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