Review Westgate Towers Orlando Florida

On our 1 year Anniversary my husband and I were able to return to Disney World, this time traveling with my parents and siblings.  We wanted a place where we could all stay together (shared a room).  We had stayed with the Westgate Properties before while in Las Vegas and really enjoyed it.  So when we begun planning they were at the top of our list.  There are numerous properties around Orlando and we selected the Towers based on its proximity to parks and price.

The Westgate properties are timeshare however you can book rooms without having a timeshare, if you have an entertainment book check in there for a possible discount.  As a time share there are lots of activities such as dance parties and tie dyeing..non of which we took advantage of.  You don’t even have to go to a timeshare presentation!  Though they are offered and usually will have some sort of benefit for attending.  We selected a 2 bedroom suite wich gave us plenty of space.  A large master bedroom with a tub you could swim laps in, second bedroom with 2 twin beds, sleeper sofa, full kitchen, and washer dryer.  The room was clean and well maintained.  Our favorite part of the room, the balcony.  It overlooked a ‘marsh’  and in the distance we could see Disney World.  We could sit on the balcony in the warm night air and see some of the fireworks from Wishes, Fantasmic, and Illuminations all at once.

We did rent a car and were to Disney within 20 minutes, Universal 30, and Seaworld 20.  I can’t remember how long it took from the airport since we stopped at the store to load up the kitchen :).

If you need a little more room to spread out with a larger party this is a great option.


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