Happily Ever After

As we all know, Disney isn’t just for kids a families, it can be a fantastic place for couples as well.  Secretly I dreamed of a Disney proposal, under the lights of the castle with fireworks illuminating the sky, a ring presented with a glass slipper at dinner, or even a “Will you Marry Me?” sign held up while going down Splash Mountain.  And while I didn’t get that my husband and I honeymooned in Disney World and since then it has always been a special place for us, it’s where we started our life together, started our Happily Ever After.

For me true romance doesn’t have to be elaborate or grand, it can be found in the simple moments the two of you find together.  Like many we now travel with our children and a trip to the bathroom alone is a treat…a night out just the two of us just doesn’t happen.  Yes, I know there are baby sitters and kids clubs, but we like to stay together as a family.  So how do we make it special?  We always plan at least one ‘nice’ meal, usually at one of the World Showcase locations.  Here we let go of the budget a little and each one of us can order whatever we want.  Dessert?  A pastry from France.  While it’s not the real Eiffel Tower its fun to sit under it at night while all lit up and imagine your strolling the streets of Paris.  Thanks to Photopass we now can get pictures together, and we have to make a point of it, but get some without any of the kids or other party members.  We try to get at least one each trip.  The Photopass photographers are a lot of fun and will do some really sweet poses.  My absolute favorite…just holding his hand while watching the fireworks over Cinderella’s Castle.  I always find myself on the verge of tears here as I realized just how happy and lucky I am to have found my Prince Charming.

And if you do want to do something a little extra special…I hope said Prince Charming is reading this.  You can call the Disney Florist or http://www.disneyflorist.com.  Here you will find tons of gift options that can be delivered to your resort room and in same cases to a table service meal.  They range in price and theme to fit anyone’s taste or budget.   My personal favorite?  Crown Her a Princess, pictured below :).

A Princess Dream Come True



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