Beyond the Mickey Ears









For many no trip to Disney is complete without a pair of Mickey Ears.  These classic pieces have been around for as long as I can remember and can even be customized with names.  Some bring the same pair every trip while others get a new one each time.  Disney brings out the kid in all of us and its one of the few places where you can wear mouse ears, a giant plush hat, or a tiara out and about and no one looks at you like you’ve gone nuts.  However, on my last few trips I have noticed a distinct evolution in the headwear options, and I for one like the variety.

Disney brings out the Princess in all of us and honestly what girl doesn’t feel extra special when wearing a sparkling tiara on her head.   Princess headwear is very easy to find.  Whether it’s a Tiara or blinged out Minnie Ears there is something to make you feel extra girly!

But on my most recent trip I saw a fun and fresh new option, adorable top hats!  They seem to capitalize on the popularity of fastenators thanks to the royal wedding and each one is patterned after a Character.  The most popular  ones we saw were the Queen of Hearts and Tinkerbell.  We saw them all over the parks and couldn’t resist trying one on myself.  Studio D 365 in Downtown Disney even offers a makeover that includes one of the cute little hats.  I choose the Tinkerbell one and you can’t see it but it has wings on the back, sorry forgot to take a picture.












Guys aren’t left out either, Goofy and Mad Hatter have always been popular.  The king of our last trip?  Perry the Platypus/Agent P, he was everywhere!

So on your next visit to Disneyland or Disney World have a little fun, experiment with a few new headwear options yourself, and let the Magic of Disney find you!

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One thought on “Beyond the Mickey Ears

  1. Robin Fretwell November 5, 2012 at 12:07 am Reply

    So Love This!!! The pics are awesome!

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